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Since 1989

We Sell Only What We Grow Ourselves

Mapple Farm’s

Seed And

Planting Stock

For 2017

  1. Short Season Sweetpotatoes SOLD OUT

  2. Jerusalem Artichokes, Volgo 2

  3. Chinese Artichokes (a.k.a. crosnes)

  4. Distinctive Tomatoes

  5. Wonderberry

  6. Tomatillo, Indian

  7. Garden Soybeans

  8. Beans: Provider, Rocdor, Black Coco, Gaucho, Jumbo Romano & Purple Peacock

  9. Cucumber, Parade

  10. Zucchini, Black

  11. Melon, Nutmeg, Oka & Montreal Market

  12. Watermelon, Early Moonbeam & Blacktail Mountain

  13. Winter Squash, Golden Hubbard, Gill’s Golden Pippin, Banana, Fisher’s Acorn & Honey Boat

  14. Pumpkin, Styrian Hulless

  15. Turkish Rocket

  16. French Scorzonera

  17. Gobo, Shosaku

  18. Horseradish


  1. Ken Allan’s Sweetpotato Book

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